Luigi – A retrospective

One of the most interesting examples of the latter relates to a guy you’ve come across many times, but probably never gave much attention: Luigi Mario.

Lame name, right?

Considering his Average Joe-ness, it’s easy to see how gamers could subconsciously relate to him. From game to game, ever since the GameCube/Game Boy Advance era, Luigi’s developement started taking an interesting turn — and you have to wonder if this happened on purpose. His new personality formed a strong bond with gamers, a bond that transcended the act of playing itself and turned the green hero into one of Nintendo’s most powerful tools for meta-gaming and meta-narration. It’s hard to empathize with Luigi, but it’s easy to imagine him sitting in the very same room with us: he would ramble about how scary ghosts are, lie about how he managed to get rid of that Koopa bully down the street (not admitting that he actually just got beat senseless) and probably confess with a timid smile how he really loves his brother even though he always leaves him behind.


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